Friday, January 3, 2014

Red Power Ranger Vs Brock Seancody

This is old news guys but i am curious to investigate it hoho... :)

Power Ranger is my favorite television program when i was in Elementary School hahahaha ( more than 12 years ago , i found some news said Red Power Ranger (Jason Lee Scott aka. Austin St. John ) become G actor at Seancody site :o  is that true? hmmmmm... see image below to know that  

Austin st john brock seancody
2 photo below is Austin St. John (Red Power Ranger)

red power ranger

austin st john
And 2 photo below is Brock, yeah face of Brock like Austin here

brock sean cody

free muscle men
if you are not carefull you maybe guess Austin and Brock is same person, but look at the last photo below

personal trainer
Yeah Austin or Red Power Ranger is not Brock, they are not same person.
Austin St. John is an American actor who popular as red power ranger, Brock is a personal trainer he also the manager of a gym and actor at Seancody.
Photo credit: Austin St. John, Seancody, Google, etc.