Thursday, January 9, 2014

Korea Men From Haruehun airry

I don't know full name of this model, i know him from haruehun airry blog.. Haruehun (Thai Photographer) called him Jinsik... This photo is taken from Jinsik Instagram and Haruehun Airry. I think Jinsik or Keithh Wang (name of his insagram) is not professional model i can't get many information about him but i found on facebook: Jinsik Hwang, i think that is him , Jinsik lives in Seol, Korea. 

Some photo of him below with some editing by me ( because he has stretch mark in his armpit ) 

Jinsik korean model from haruehun airry

korean male model

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More photo of him   Jinsik in Underwear
Photo credit: Haruehun airry noppawan, Jinsik/Keithh Wang instagram, Google, et.