Friday, December 27, 2013

Hendri Rachman Muscles

Hello all,  Asian Model for today, he is Hendri Rachman. Hendri was born in Jakarta, Indonesia but he grew up in Australia. Hendri is a model in Australia. He came back to indonesia to be a model in some advertisement, he also an actor in tv series and movie in Indonesia.  I think he is one of favorite model in this blog, yeah this is not my first time post his photo, my post before about Hendri get more than 8000 pageview, Hendri is 21 years old now, his body very good in his age and he won bodybuilder contest in Australia.

hendry rachman body

Van Der Wijck Indra Bruggman

asian top model hendri rachman

hendri rachman main sinetron di mnctv

bodybuilder contest-hendri rachman

More special photo of him   Hendri in Underwear  Hendri Rachman Body
  Hendri Rachman

Photo credit: Shotsbygun, Jimmy Walsh Photography, Hendry Rachman Instagram, Google, etc.