Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ko Ryu Musclehunks aka Cesar Quispe Estela

Today i am posting bodybuilder from Peru, he is Cesar Quispe Estela.  He lives in chiclayo a norther city of Peru. Cesar Quispe won many title in Bodybuilder contest and titled as Mister Peru,  his face very familiar for me hoho  :) . He also p*rn star at Musclehunks site,  his name in that site is Ko Ryu. Ko Ryu is not Japanese, he is Peruvian.... Ko Ryu is same person with Cesar Quispe Estela.  Yesterday i got his video, wew...  so H*t

Cesar Quispe Estela is Ko Ryu

Ko Ryu aka Cesar Quispe Estela Peruvian bodybuilder

Justin bieber body

Musclehunks Ko Ryu from Peru

Bodybuilder video musclehunks
Want to see more photo of him just type on google: Ko Ryu Musclehunks , and then click images.

Photo credit: Musclehunks,ATLETA OFICIAL - MR. PERÚ CÉSAR QUISPE ESTELA, Andre Ramirez, Google, etc.