Friday, January 24, 2014

Justin Bieber Scandal

Justin Bieber is a youtube sensation, he famous because youtube. I don't know why he have many problem and scandal, the newest scandal is "Bieber in Jail" yeah bieber in Miami  Jail because using alcohol and drug when he was driving car, he also drive with expired driver license (you can watch it on youtube), he must pay 2500$ to out from Jail. Because this case a radio station in ottawa Canada ban all  bieber song, and suggest Bieber go to rehab. Before this, few days ago bieber threw eggs to his neighboor home and make his neighboor so angry. Bieber also make scandal 2 Month ago, he sleep with girl in Brazil and that tape is uploaded to youtube by someone.

Justin Bieber in Jail outfit in Miami because alcohol and drug use

Justin bieber drug racing scandal

Justin bieber body

Justin bieber must go to rehab

Justin bieber must pay 2500$ to out from Jail
Photo credit: His photographer, Google, etc