Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mister International 2013 Winner?

After to be host country of Miss World 2013 on September, Indonesia also host country of Mister International 2013. Mister International 2013 will be held at Skenoo Hall, Jakarta Indonesia on November 21. 

Who will win this competition and get the title as Mister International 2013? hmmmm....

This is my favorite so far :)

1. Antonín Beránekmr From Czech republic 
Antonín Beránekmr mr czech republic 2013
2. Jonathan Checo from Dominican republic

Jonathan Checo mr dominican republic 2013

3. José Anmer Paredes Jaimss from Venezuela
José Anmer Paredes Jaimss mr venezuela 2013
4. Mario Lora from Colombia

Mario Lora mr colombia 2013

5. Michal Gajdošech from Slovak Republic

Michal Gajdošech  mr slovakia 2013
Recent winner Mister International 2012- Ali Hammoud
Photo credit: Their photographer, Google, etc.