Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mister International 2013 Beach wear

Mister International 2013 will be held in Indonesia 21 November 2013 and all contestant was doing beach wear or swim wear photo shoot.. I'm posting some of them, because if i'm posting all of them, it will be long time to load this blog.  My favorite contestant below:)

1. Albern Sultan From Indonesia 
Albern is Indonesian representative, he is 23 years old. Although his body isn't perfect like Ufuk Değer from Turkey but his public speaking very good, he also representative of host country, i think he will in top 10 maybe top 5 :)
Albern sultan swimsuit
2. Ufuk Değer from Turkey 
Ufuk Değer (25 yers old). He is my favorite in beach wear competition. His body perfect and he know to expose his body on camera. One of his gorgeous photo below :)

Ufuk Değer beach wear

3. Firass Abbass from Lebanon
Firass Abbass (26 years old) . Last year Ali Hamoud from Lebanon is the winner of Mister International. Will  Lebanon to be the winner again?

Firass Abbass muscles
4. José Anmer Paredes from Venezuela 
 José Anmer Paredes (28 years old) fom Venezuela, he is one of my favorite after Turkey. I think he is professional model, look at this great pose and expression

José Anmer Paredes venezuela swim wear

5. Michal Gajdošech from Slovak Republic 
Michal Gajdošech (23 yers old) is professional model, i have found many photo of him on google, one of strongest candidate in this year

Michal Gajdošech underwear

Photo credit: Mister International, bellezavenezolana, l-men, etc.