Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thai Model Golf Surapong

Thai Model Golf Surapong

Are you fans of Thailand Magazine? If Yes, you must know this guy. Yeah he is Golf Surapong, Golf very familiar for me. He was photographed by many Thailand magazines such as Kfm Magazine (kfm no 6 January 2013 and kfm double special 5 April 2013), Full Magazine 5 November 2012, Stage Battle 2, Be Boy Violet.  I love Thai Magazine because they always include behind the scene video of their photo shoot. I am thankful to Kfm Magazine for Special behind the scene video of Golf Surapong  in Kfm Double Special Lek Golf Tom  Edition ( i can see very private activity of him haha :D ). Golf Surapong is also  main actor of g Thai Movie 5.

golf surapong

Thailand Magazine behind the scene

golf surapong body

golf surapong video
Photo credit: Thai Movie 5, Kfm Magazine, Full Magazine,