Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blogger Down Yesterday

Sorry you can't access this blog, yesterday. Blogger down or unreachable for many of you, i think this is first time for many years. This blog is hosted at blogger.com (owned by google), that's free and easy to use  i love it. Few years ago i have my own hosting that i installed wordpress via cpanel "fantastico", fantastico is one of the most advanced script installers, you can install many script just one click, but that is not free you have to pay every month for that hosting so i come back to blogger platform. Btw, today i am posting Manhunt Singapore 2015 Mr. Fuad Al Hakim, i like him, he cute, exotic, great body and have nice smile maybe this is part 1 i will post him again later.

fuad al hakim

beard cute guy

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asian muscle men

men underwear
Photocredit: Fuad Al Hakim, Manhunt, Photographer