Thursday, April 21, 2016

Scandal Video Cute Japanese Model Lio Kobayashi

Today i am posting "Lio Kobayashi", Japanese actor and model. I don't know how famous he is, in his country Japan but he so cute and have sexy body so i am posting him. I found his scandal video on google, i am sure 100 % that is really him (his face, body and mole in his chest are same), he become a model in gay porn movie.

Lio kobayashi shirtless photo

cute japanese male model lio kobayashi

japanese actor scandal video lio kobayashi

lio kobayashi

scandal video lio kobayashi
there he is, his scandal video screenshoot , i like it he is hot :)download lio kobayashi video
Sorry guys i can't share that video for you, i just share his little hot dance, watch it

Photo credit: Lio kobayashi, his photographer, tumblr, instagram, google.