Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hot Guy-Reiner Senduk

Found cute and hot men from Indonesia, he is Reiner Senduk. I love Akbar Zio from Indonesia, he is very cute. Now i am finding another cute men from Indonesia. He was born on august 27, 1992. He was participating in L-men Of The Year 2012 and became top 15 LOTY Manado, he came back in 2014 and to be Semifinalist. He also Grandfinalist BOC MensHealth 2015 and Nyong Sulut 2015.

cute asian model reiner senduk

hot men in the water reiner senduk

hot men in the junggle reiner senduk

reiner senduk buldge

reiner senduk hot pose

reiner senduk in towel

Photo credit: Failsal Djaja, Reiner Senduk, etc.