Friday, February 14, 2014

Random Indonesian Muscle Men

Random Indonesian Muscle Men for today guys, i hope you like it :)

The first photo is taken from Men's Health Indonesia, i don't know his name :(  some blog said he is "I Made Agus Suarjana" but i'm not sure, when i search on google I made Agus Suarjana is a photographer, maybe I made Agus Suarjana who's taking this great photo. The model very cute and his smile hoho i love it

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The second pic is Semifinalist L-men Of The Year Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2013. he is Raden Sydney Samba Satia.

Indonesian male model Raden Sydney samba satia
The third pic is Ari Wijaya, he is Semifinalist LOTY 2013 Pekanbaru.

indonesia fitness men ari wijaya

The last two pic is Dedy Sanjaya from Bali Indonesia. Dedy Sanjaya is the most favorite L-Men Of The Year 2011 Bali and Top 10 pre audition LOTY 2012 Bali, i have some photo of him maybe next time i will post him again, he is so exotic :)

exotic male model bali dedy sanjaya

six pack indonesian man bodybuilder dedy sanjaya
Photo credit: Their photographer, Men Health Indonesia, Perfection Photo Studio, Google, etc.