Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jonathan Chistie Body

Hello viewers hoho :) I love badminton so much, my favorite sport is badminton and today i am posting Indonesian badminton player, he is Jonathan Christie "Jo". He is Junior player guys (16 years old), he was born September, 15 1997 in Jakarta Indonesia. Now he was in no 2 world junior ranking. He has good skill, cute face and great body hoho :) (see image below)

Jonathan Christie hot

Jonathan Christie body

Jonathan Christie Shirtless

Jonathan Christie Sixpack
Indonesia has many legendary badminton player such as: Taufik Hidayat, Susi Susanti (one of best of the best woman player on earth) etc. Maybe if my visitor from Indonesia like Jonathan Photo and pageview of this post is large i will post Jo again :p he has many fans

Photo credit: Djarum badminton, Jonathan Christie Twitter, Google, etc.