Monday, September 23, 2013

Aris Nurdiansyah Partner in Car

Hello guys, today i am posting Aris Nurdiansyah partner in car " Raka Sabato", yeah Aris has a lot of scandal video.  i am sure some visitor of this blog know about aris nurdiansyah, if you don't know him just type on google: aris nurdiansyah :) 

Aris has a lot of scandal video, but for me his scandal with Raka in car is the best hahaha :v
(yeah i've watched that video, video duration 34:19 minutes )
Many people don't know name of Aris partner in car video, his name is Raka Sabato.

aris nurdiansyah in car

aris nurdiansyah video

aris nurdiansyah in car partner

Raka sabato

aris with raka video
Photo credit: Raka sabato facebook, twitter, google, etc.