Monday, July 1, 2013

Top 3 L-men 2013

Top 3 L-men 2013 (Indonesia male pageant) Result

Few days ago i predicted who will in top 4 L-men of The Year 2013 , in L-men 2013 Winner? post i choose Wira from Riau, Rico from south Sumatra, Mario from Jakarta and Tema from Bali. Yeah 3 of them are top 6 in final result, Tema from Bali is first runner up l-men 2013, Wira is second runner up l-men 2013 and Mario is Top 6. I don't suspect Albern will win this competition, congratulation Albern :D

1. Albern Sultan from North Sumatra (The Winner)

albern sultan

body peserta l-men

2. Dewa Dwi Temaja from Bali (1st Runner up)

dewa dwi temaja

runner up l-men 2013

3. Wira Nugraha from Riau (2nd Runner up)

wira wakil riau l-men 2013

runner up l-men 2013

Full list of Top 6
1. Albern Sultan ( The Winner and got The Best Catwalk) from North Sumatra
2. Dewa Dwi Temaja (1st Runner up) from Bali
3. Wira Nugraha (2nd Runner up and got The Best Health Presenter) from Riau
4. Johann Mario from DKI Jakarta
5. Cakra Bayu Pratama from South Sulawesi
6. Diego Andrean from Center of Sulawesi
Photo credit: RL Photography, Google, L-men, Wongsim and Other.