Saturday, July 20, 2013

Malaysia The Best Hunk Award 2012

Hello guys long time no see :D

I found some great photo yesterday so i'm sharing to you now. Before I didn't know this award, this photo is taken from Malaysia The Best Hunk Award. There are 30 contestant to win the title as "The Best Hunk". In Many Contest not only handsome face and have great body but also you must have brain power "smart to answer the judges question". Daniel Tan Lek Thow (The last Photo) has won this competition. Some great contestant below :D
Aaron Lay Kuan Hwa
aaron lay kuan hwa

Steven Wong Yong Fu

asian muscle men

Jeff Wong Leong Jeff
jeff wong leong body

malaysian the best hunk award
Daniel Tan Lek Thow
Daniel tan lek thow win best hunk award 2012
Photo credit: The Photographer, The Best Hunk Award 2012, Google and Other.