Friday, May 10, 2013

Gillian Pangalila Model From Indonesia

Gillian Pangalila Model From Indonesia

Indonesian male model for today, he is Gillian Pangalila. His full name is Gillian Rafael Pangalila, he is finalist indonesian male pageant L-Men 2011, he was representing DKI Jakarta in that competition. He didn't win, but he got Best Catwalk Award. He is cousin of famous Indonesian actor, Randy Pangalila. Gillian has twin brother, he is Gilbert Pangalila . Gillian Pangalila has beautiful lips, he looks like Angelina Jolie but in men body. Gillian don't do plastic surgery like angelina, his beautiful lips is given by god.

Gillian Pangalila

indonesian male model gillian pangalila

Gillian Pangalila Body

Gillian Pangalila Muscles

male model indonesia gillian pangalila
Photo credit: L-Men, Posture Management (Posture Mahagaya Kresindo), Google and Other.