Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lukas Kubitschek Problem

I'm sorry This blog is not updated as before, my internet connection and i'm very busy in real life make this blog is not daily updated.Today i'm posting Mister Brazil 2013 who lost his title because of his scandal photo, he is Lukas Kubitschek.Lukas won Mister Brazil 2013 on March 12, 2013.He is disqualified because contest rules is not allow you to photograph or film your secret part of your body, yeah he showed his full body with some photographer :D

lukas kubitschek

brazilian muscle men

lucas kubitschek body

lucas kubitschek photo scandal that make him lost his title as mister brazil 2013

mister brazil 2013 lukas kubitschek

Photo credit:Joao P Teles, Netto Galvao, Sergio Costa Vincent, Google and Other.

This Mister Brazil 2013 is disqualified because of his scandal photo, How about Mister Brazil 2010 Jonas Sulzbach with his scandal webcam video? :D