Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chan Than San and Arthur Ck Ong

Today I'm posting male model from Vietnam and Thailand.

First male model, he is Chan Than San, he was born May 31, 1988 in Vietnam.I've seen him at Hey Magazine Thailand.Chan Than San  had plastic surgery to get his cute face, now his face more handsome.

Second Male Model, he is Arthur Ck Ong, he was born October 13, 1985.I've seen him at Anatomy of Men Magazine Thailand. 
chan than san with his boyfriend

chan than san

can than san body

arthur ck ong

thai male model
What do you think about first picture and this last picture? :D
for me they are not just friend. 

can than san and arthur ck ong

Photo credit:His photographer, Google, Anatomy of Men, Can Than San Arthur Ck Ong, and Other.

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