Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joe Smirh photographed by Joe Ticknow

Asian-Europe for today, his name is Jow Smirh.Joe Smirh is 30 years old now.He famous after became a brand ambassador of Levi's Asia Campaign.He lives in New York, USA now.Joe Smirh has beautiful muscle body and his skin tone colour very exotic.

This Photo is taken by Joe Ticknow, Joe Ticknow is international photographer based in New York, he is photographer for fitness and modeling portfolio.He also Professional Wedding Photographer in New York, USA.Joe TickNow was Born in Kediri, Indonesia.His real name is Julie Sutikno, Julie became Joe and Sutikno became Ticknow. Joe Ticknow photography is awesome, he use natural lighting for his photography because that he also famous with name Joe Joy Matahari, Matahari (Sun in English).

Joe Smirh

Asian muscle men

Joe smirh in underwear

exotic skin colour of asian men

Joe ticknow Photography
Photo credit:Joe ticknow Photography ( Julie Sutikno)