Friday, January 4, 2013

Cute Asian Men-Kim Hyun Joong

I'm so busy, sorry i didn't post yesterday.

Now i'm posting Korean Star "Kim Hyun Joong", i know him in 2009 he is an actor in Korea Drama "Boys before Flower". If you are Korean Drama fans you must know him :). I think he is one of the cutest Asian men in the world, his face very cute and he has great smile :) . He also singer in Korea, he is a leader of  SS501 boyband.

He was born in Seoul Korea June 6, 1986.Yeah he is 26 years Old Now. Not only has cute face he also has great body, see image below :)

cute face health insurance

Cute Asian Men

Kim Hyun Joong Body

Kim Hyun Joong shirtless

boys before flower
Photo credit:Kim Hyun Joong,Google and Other
More pic of him, he show his body in his concert    Kim Hyun Joong Body       Boys Before Flower Actor

Maybe this is part 1 of him, later i'll post him again, i have a lot of his photo :D