Sunday, December 23, 2012

Korean Male Model-Choi Ho Jin

Before i didin't know his name, he has cute smile.I think i've posted 1 pic of him in Asian Smile Post.Now i know his name, yeah his name is Choi Ho Jin, he is a Korean Model.His Height: 180 cm. Weight: 68 kg Chest: 38″ and Waist: 31.5.Hmm... Korea very famous with their boy band, i like Korean Boyband specially majority member of Korean boyband very handsome and cute :D .Korea also famous with Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style has been viewed more than 1000.0000.000 times on youtube.Wow that is very phenomenal from Simple Dance.In real life Gangnam is the name of place in South Korea.Back again to Choi Ho Jin , some old picture of him with DKNY Underwear  below :)

Korean Male Model

Choi Ho Jin

Asian men

Men underwear
Photo credit:Image Magazine, DKNY Underwear, Sittiphan Chaiterdsiri, Google and Other Stylist:T-On.
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