Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miguel Lujan

Hello friend, i didn't know yesterdey i remembered old movie, that is one of fenomenal movie (Cannibal Holocaust 1980).I was not born in that year :). I watched it few 4 year ago.But the only one that make me curious is Miguel Lujan. I didn't know his real name, not much information about him :D

Did you ever watch cannibal holocaust movie?
if yes, you will be remember this guy.His full body very good :D
I recommend you to watch this movie, you can search on google with keyword: cannibal holocaust indowebster .But i recommend you to buy original movie :)

Miguel Lujan

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Miguel Lujan

This is what did make me curious and remember again this movie Miguel Lujan Body       Miguel Lujan      Cannibal      Miguel Muscles