Friday, November 16, 2012

Akbar Kurniawan

Akbar was born June 11, 1988 in Indonesia.He is runner-up LOTY 2012 (Indonesian male pageant) and represents Indonesia at manhunt International 2012. He is one of my favorite at Manhunt international 2012, i dont know why? :)

He is one of 5 smallest contestant at Manhunt International 2012 ( his height 1,8 m).France 1,8 m and Romania 1,8 m  United States 1,8 m and Thailand 1,79 m.

Some of his photo below :)

Akbar kurniawan

Akbar kurniawan swimsuit

Akbar kurniawan manhunt

manhunt international 2012

Akbar kurniawan swimwear

Photo credit:L-men, manhunt international and other
Some special pics of him    Akbar with his friend       Indonesian men      Indonesian muscle