Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who will be the winner LOTY 2012?

Who will be the winner LOTY 2012? yes that is my title post.

Sunday 10-6-2012 grandfinal live on tv.LOTY is a male pageant in Indonesia, 3 main winners of L-Men of The Year 2012 had the opportunity to participate in various international contests such as the male pageant Mister Universe Model, Manhunt International and the Mister International.In the Grand Final with 14 grand finalists are then selected only the Top 6, they then answered various questions to be selected to be Top 3.

This is my favorite will be at top 6 :)

1.Akbar Kurniawan

pemenang LOTY 2012

2.Rizal Idrus

Indonesian hot model

3.Agil Widana

pemenang l-men 2012

For agil, i've posted him before at Cute Agil Elmosta

4.Stephan Hofmann

stephan hofmann

5.teguh hariansyah

teguh hariansyah

6.Gael Maukar

Gael Maukar

Other contestant

Jero Lakhwani

Mikhel Wandana

Fendy Lontoh

Hans lauwansyah

Bayu Hanif

Andhika Wijaya

Dhana ardansky

Fajrin asha