Saturday, June 9, 2012


Indonesian male pageant 2012.

Not only good looking, smart and handsome guys, but also the leader of role model in healthy life style for indonesia men.

Who will be The winner?

1.Jero Lakhwani

Jero Lakhwani

Jero Lakhwani was born at Surabaya, 4 October 1993.He is youngest contestant, he represent East Java.Height:178 cm.

2.Akbar Kurniawan

pemenang LOTY 2012

Akbar Kurniawan was born at Kudus, 11 June 1988.He represent Yogyakarta.Height:177 cm

3.Rizal Idrus

Indonesian hot model

Rizal Idrus was born at Gorontalo, 17 March 1987.He represent South Sulaweasi.Height:176 cm

4.Agil Widana

pemenang l-men 2012

Agil Widana was born at Semarang, 27 August 1990.He represent Central Java.Height:179 cm.
For agil, i've posted him before at Cute Agil Elmosta

5.Stephan Hofmann

stephan hofmann

Stephan Hofmann was born at Berlin, 3 October 1991.He represent West Java.Height:189 cm.

6.Teguh hariansyah

teguh hariansyah

Teguh hariansyah was born at Pontianak, 31 March 1990.He represent West Borneo.

7.Mikhel Wandana

Mikhel Wandana

Mikhel Wandana was born at Denpasar, 13 July 1992.He represent DKI Jakarta.Height:179,5 cm.

8.Gael Maukar

Gael Maukar

He born 9 October 1987.Represent North Sulawesi.Height:179 cm.

9.Dhani ardansky

Dhani ardansky

Dhani ardansky was born at Pekanbaru, 18 May 1991.He represent West Sumatra.Height:179 cm.

10.Fendy Lontoh

Fendy Lontoh

Fendy Lontoh was born at Manado, 29 July 1988.He represent Central Sulawesi.Height:178 cm

11.Hans lauwansyah

Hans lauwansyah

Hans lauwansyah was born at Banjarmasin, 2 April 1990.He represent South Borneo.Height:178 cm.

12.Bayu Hanif

Bayu Hanif

Bayu Hanif was born at Pekanbaru, 2 September 1988.He represent Riau.Height:178 cm.

13.Andhika Wijaya

Andhika Wijaya

Andhika Wijaya was born at Denpasar, 4 March 1992.He represent Bali.Height:182 cm.

14.Fajrin asha

Fajrin asha

Fajrin asha was born at Palembang, 22 March 1988.He represent South Sumatra.Height:178 cm.