Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Indonesian Male Model Part 2

I've posted 7 Indonesian Hot Male Model Part 1 in Here

Who is your favorite from this 7 Indonesian Hot Male Model Part 2?

1.Rayhan Febrian

Rayhan Febrian

Rayhan Febrian is the winner LOTY 2011

2.Adi Jaya

Adi Jaya

Adi Jaya:1st Runner-up LOTY 2011

3.Aditya Muhammad

Aditya Muhammad

Aditya Muhammad:2nd Runner-up LOTY 2011

4.Christian Loho

Christian Loho

Christian Loho:The Best Acting Model LOTY 2011

5.Marino Alisastra

Marino Alisastra

6.Okky Yoswara

Okky Yoswara

Okky Yoswara is brother of Steven Yoswara 2nd Runner up Mister International 2011

7.Gillian Pangalila

Gillian Pangalila

Gillian Pangalila:The Best Catwalk LOTY 2011